The technology

Innovo is a company whose ambition is to modernise the entire pasteurisation sector by choosing to invest in and propose the radiofrequency technology and more, starting from the Washington State University studies that have proven how radiofrequency can deliver a better product than traditional technologies.

The strategic partnership with Stalam and the technological partnership with Reda in the analysis and development process have made radiofrequency a must-have.

Radiofrequency delivers excellent pasteurisation by safeguarding all the organoleptic features of the product, that remain natural and genuine.

All this is guaranteed by a low temperature of pasteurisation. In fact, starting from the pre-heating phase, in just 0.5 seconds the product is taken to the ideal pasteurization temperature; speed and uniformity deliver the best end result.

Longer shell life means more quality as well as reducing the frequency of washing cycles with saving of money, energy and water.

Radiofrequency, the advantages

Longer storage times

  • Bacterial loads are dramatically reduced
  • Longer shell life, up to and over 60 days

Greater product quality

  • We get a 3/5% higher whipping respect standard pasteurisation
  • Excellent organoleptic performance thanks to the light radiofrequency treatment
  • Elimination of preservatives

Greater economic saving

  • A longer egg shell life means less deliveries, that are reduced to a third, resulting in cost reduction.
  • Radiofrequency technology allows for greater processing continuity, hence less water consumption resulting in a saving between 50K and 200K €/year.

Greater environmental protection

  • Water saving
  • Dramatic reduction in the use of chemicals that are harmful for the environment
  • Energy saving
  • Use of clean energy

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