About us

Innovo is a company that develops, manufactures and installs pasteurisation plants for companies in the food sector.

The finished product is more than just a plant. A functional, ready-to-use and made-to-measure machinery based on the customer and its needs. Diverse and international experiences and careers make the engineers and professionals of Innovo a group of innovators and trade experts, who are able to analyse the market and its needs, proposing solutions and testing new technologies.

Team Innovo

The team of Innovo is led by Leopoldo Peschi, one of the most important players in the pasteurisation industry.

The team is composed by specialists in the egg processing with long experience.

Some of the technicians he met over the years and worked with, Peschi has brought to life Innovo that has soon become an Italian excellence that can keep up as well as bring added value to its sector thanks to study and dialogue with international leaders it partners.

The life of the egg and its duration are a crucial factor for the food chain, both for domestic use and for large wholesalers.

A radiofrequency-pasteurised egg by an Innovo plant reaches the home or restaurant kitchen at its best: from organoleptic properties to shell life.

Together with egg pasteurisation, Innovo studies and makes the entire food sector more modern, introducing new technologies for pasteurized egg-based products. In the food industry, it’s time to stop considering egg as an aggregating agent. Its properties make it one of the best natural and low-cost proteins. Innovo wishes to give the egg and its nutritional properties the importance it deserves in the food product sector.


The company

innovative, ambitious, forward-looking.


The team

international, close-knit, capable.


The radiofrequency

low temperatures, low consumption, top result.

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