Egg Pasteurization

Pasteurizers Innovo  can offer the best solutions to design a pasteurizer fol...

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Radiofrequency Heating System

Longer shelf-life, better flavour, enhanced whipping Radio Frequency equipmen...

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Egg Breakers & Separators

The key component of every egg processing plant is the egg breaker, Pelbo off...

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Turnkey Project

TURNKEY PROJECT How projects are created We start from the understanding of a...

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C.I.P System

C.l.P. systems   An optimal solution for the Foodstuf industry For the modern...

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Reverse Osmosis to concentrate whole egg

Preassembled reverse osmosis to concentrate whole egg before the dryer. Whole...

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Ultra Filtration UF for Egg White Production

Ultra Filtration UF is an egg whites concentration process used before drying...

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Special Egg Centrifuges

APPLICATION   Automatic centrifuges: a constant commitment to quality and evo...

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The automation is the brain and the heart of every industrial equipment today...

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