C.I.P System

C.l.P. systems


An optimal solution for the Foodstuf industry

For the modern industry of liquid foods transformation, we offers its

advanced automatic Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems used for cleaning and

sanitation of process equipment and piping such as blending or storage

tanks, mixers, product transfer lines, pasteurisers, homogenizers, aseptic

tanks, filling machines.

The CIP systems , are designed to work both in semiautomatic

or automatic way and are suitable for the cleaning with water (hot and

cold), soda, acid and disinfectant. In the fully automated CIP all stages,

timing and the concentrations of various cleaning solutions are controlled

by a programmable logic controller (PLC ) and a graphical operator panel.

With the automatic CIP you have full assurance that the washing is done

according to the specifications given in the recipe (times, temperatures

and phases).


·         Pre-piped steam, air, and water.

·         All stainless steel construction (AISI 304 or AISI 316).

·         Finishing type 2B (inside and outside).

·         Delivery pumps under inverter.

·         Instrumentation included: level probes, filters, manometers, electromagnetic type flow meters, tubular heater with corrugated type pipe, thermometers, conductivity feelers, pneumatic dosing pumps for concentrated (acid and soda), set of pneumatic valves, set of manual butterfly valves.

·         Assembling and connection of all hydraulic, pneumatic electric and control elements.

·         Factory fluid testing capabilities.

·         Software on PLC with supervision for a full control system for cleaning recipes and supervision of all phases.

·         CE compliance.



·         Systems with one, two, three or four tanks.

·         Systems capable of simultaneously cleaning single or multiple independent processes.

·         Plate-and-frame or shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

·         Single seat or sanitary butterfly valves.

·         Automatic chemical dosing for one, two, or three different cleaning chemicals.

·         Available without controls or with termination panel only.

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