Egg Pasteurization


Innovo  can offer the best solutions to design a pasteurizer following the customer specifications.

We can have the possibility to create pasteurizers dedicated to high viscosity product (salted and sugared).

All the projects are designed with innovative solutions, to obtain an high quality product with the best efficiency.

First of all it's important to understand all the customer needs and the project scope.

Our engineering team will develop the best solution and will support the customer on the building design, finishes, zoning (separating areas) and other technical information the customer may have.


Then we can propose the equipment to process eggs from the hens house to the egg powder station.


The most innovative egg processing solutions can be adopted that includes: whole egg concentration, RF pasteurization...


Complete plants are made of: breaking equipment, filtering, cooling heat exchangers, storage tanks, pasteurizer, concentration equipment, liquid filling, spray dryers, central CIP and utilities equipment on demand.

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