Egg Breakers & Separators

The key component of every egg processing plant is the egg breaker, Pelbo offers a complete range of egg breakers whith processing capacities from 900 to 225,360 eggs/hour.

All Pelbo egg breakers are equipped with our exclusive egg breaking system that combines the highest proven yield in the industry with the cleanest product possible, an indispensable property for a long shelf life of finished products.

Pelbo egg breakers are multipurpose but are also optimized for whole egg or egg separating production.

High capacity Pelbo egg breaking and separating systems may be equipped with our top of the range egg white inspection system Albuchecker 2.0 ®, which guarantees the highest quality of egg white with fat content below 0.03%.

All our egg breakers are built to guarantee long-term trouble free operation, with easy maintenance. In addition, most of Pelbo models are ready to be fully CIP washed.

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