Radiofrequency Heating System

Longer shelf-life, better flavour, enhanced whipping

Radio Frequency equipment for the pasteurisation of liquid egg at low temperatures, which ensures both the required microbial inactivation and the preservation of the sensorial properties of the product.

The treatment can be performed on whole egg, yolk and white and improves the taste of final products such as cream puffs, sponge cakes, creams, mayonnaise etc. where egg freshness and flavour play a crucial role in determining the quality perceived by the consumer.

The RF treatment is also beneficial for the egg functionalities: whipping is enhanced, thus increasing the final product yield by 5% approx.

Moreover, frequent washing of the pasteurisation plant is not necessary thanks to the low temperature treatment and no contact with any heating element: this allows savings of up to 15-20% in costs (around 1,5-2 eurocent /kg).

The Radiofrequency Machine can be easily installed in any existing production plant.


- Total inactivation of Salmonella

- Drastic reduction of T.B.C.

- Longer shelf-life (over 60 days), no preservatives required

- Healthier and tastier product

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