Providing Both Companies with an Opportunity to Expand the Use of the Radio Frequency Technology in the Egg Industry.

INNOVO SOLUTIONS, the company introducing a revolutionary method to pasteurize liquid egg by using the Radio Frequency (RF) technology, announced today that it has formed a strategic partnership with STALAM, a global leader in the development and manufacturing of RF equipment.

In the past 12 months, INNOVO SOLUTIONS has moved quickly to introduce the RF technology in the liquid egg market. This new partnership will make STALAM the exclusive manufacturer of INNOVO product series, a versatile pasteurization system for liquid egg products.

The partnership will provide both companies with an opportunity to accelerate the adoption and implementation of RF technology in the food industry. With four decades of experience in serving the industry with diversified RF technologies, STALAM has developed the widest and most advanced range of industrial RF drying and thermal processing equipment, and has the capacity to efficiently design and manufacture machines customized for the food industry. The INNOVO team offers extensive experience in the development of liquid egg processing systems, and has a distinct understanding of how RF can be utilized safely and effectively in the egg industry.

“INNOVO is committed to providing its customers with advanced systems that help to protect the safety of industrial egg without compromising taste, nutritional characteristics and physical properties of the fresh product”, said Leopoldo Peschi, Managing Director of INNOVO SOLUTIONS.

“This partnership will allow us to build on a unique opportunity, in addition to our established RF applications in the food industry across the world”, said Enrico Zanetti, Managing Director of STALAM.


Established in 1978, STALAM is a world leader in the development, design and manufacturing of radio frequency equipment for the drying and thermal processing of raw materials, intermediate and finished industrial products. Presently, more than 2,400 STALAM machines are in operation in over 50 countries; from the simple, manually operated machine, to the fully automated and integrated production line complete with computerised control and supervision systems.

STALAM is in the portfolio of IDeA Efficienza Energetica e Sviluppo Sostenibile, the Italian private equity fund specialising in the environmental sustainability sector and controlled by DeA Capital Alternative Funds SGR (DeA Capital Group). More information about Vicenza, Italy-based STALAM can be found at


INNOVO SOLUTIONS is a recently established company with an outstanding expertise in the egg industry matured in the 30 years long career of Leopoldo Peschi, founding partner and Managing Director. Beside the introduction of an innovative pasteurization method based on the Radio Frequency technology, INNOVO can design and supply complete and fully automated production lines for liquid egg processing.

More information about INNOVO can be found at

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